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Damian Hale
Creative Director (Visuals)

DH: ‘Most of the show content is driven by something “real” which adds an element of warmth to the final output, even when it’s buried beneath layers of digital processing. Footage filmed in our studio, out and about with cameras and phones and found footage become the building blocks for After Effects where they are cut up, layered, effected and made into sequences which are then loaded into Notch for playback.

Notch is a really powerful tool for us, as well as triggering the sequences via midi, we use it to add another layer of effects, or generate content from scratch. This can be done manually or by using an input such as live audio or camera data to control the parameters, meaning we can respond to what is happening musically and each show becomes unique.

One interesting aspect of making the piece for Beauty Still was using motion capture data supplied by Audiomotion Studio rigged to a basic human figure. In Cinema 4D we began to abstract the figure by reducing the polygons in stages, until it was a twitching mass of shapes and all which remained was the motion itself.

Even when all trace of the human form has been lost you can still tell that you are watching something alive simply from the subtlety of the movement.’

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