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Max de Wardener

Tangram and Morte Point (2017) are written and produced by Max de Wardener

Max de Wardener uses Logic Pro X to arrange the pieces and to host various plug-in instruments and effects.

MdW:Tangram is built around a simple seven-beat rhythm. I wanted to keep everything predominantly acoustic but added subtle layers of pulsing resampled piano to  propel the music forward. These additional layers are filtered discreetly in and out of the mix.

Morte Point is a very rocky pennisula on the northern coast of Devon (UK), a place I have visited all my life. If you walk to the very end you feel like you are standing in the middle of the sea. It's the place of many shipwrecks and the danger of the place feels exhilarating.

All the sound is derived from time-stretching (using Kontakt) and filtering of the piano (using Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch) to sound like huge crashing waves. The saturated smothered sound of the opening felt analogous with the deep dark sea.

Both pieces are written to be played with one hand and then looped to create denser textures. The idea arose to give Will more freedom to manipulate the sound electronically with the redundant playing hand when performing the pieces live.’